Sheridan Hough on Breaking Bad at Philosophy Now

Before thinking about what kind of responsibility is at work here, and who bears what sort of blame, we should revisit the concept of ‘neighbor,’... Read more ..

Sheridan Hough interviwed by Ron Cooper at Late Last Night Books

I take the lessons of Kierkegaard’s pseudonyms and Nietzschean perspectivism quite seriously. Lots of contemporary philosophical work is also rich and inviting... Read more ..

Sheridan Hough’s Dancing Tax Collector: Book Signing at the Blue Bicycle Books

One of Charleston’s treasures is the philosopher, poet, and novelist Sheridan Hough... Read more ..

Our exhausted (first) world: a plea for 21st-century existential philosophy (OUP Blogs)

‘Truth is subjectivity’ is thus, in part, a meditation on the way in which a truth is held... Read more ..

Featured Philosop-her: a plea for 21st-century existential philosophy (longer version)

‘Truth is subjectivity’ is thus, in part, a meditation on the way in which a truth is held... Read more ..

Rebecca Goldstein recommends Mirror's Fathom for Summer 2014 Reads on Philosophy Talk with John Perry and Ken Taylor.

Here's the link to the podcast.

Review of Mirror's Fathom by Robert Flynn in San Antonio Express-News

With a tight but completed plot, in language with the precision and resonance of poetry without pretension, Hough knits the diverse elements into a surprising and fulfilling ending with a bit of Kierkegaardian philosophy. Read more >>

Review of Mirror's Fathom in Huffington Post

Mirror Fathom by Sheridan Hough is a literary event; a novel written with elaborate descriptions of a way of life that no longer exists...With its exquisite descriptions and over powering dialogue, the story may not be enjoyable to all readers. For those, however, who admire the brilliance of words it will be a book to study and enjoy over and over. Read more >>

Review of Mirror's Fathom by Malcolm R. Campbell at Literary Aficionado

Sheridan Hough's romantic and philosophical mystery brings lovers of language a beautiful word portrait of Malta in the late 1890s linked via an antique mirror with the well-rendered world of a London housewife in 2009. The two stories in the impeccably researched Mirror's Fathom are an exploration of lovers, relationships, trust, and Søren Kierkegaard's claim that "temporality, finitude is what it is all about." Read more >>

Sheridan Hough won't whack you over the head with philosophy

By day, College of Charleston professor Sheridan Hough teaches philosophy to undergrads. She lectures on 19th century philosophers and feminist theory, writes academic books and articles, and grades 100-plus papers in the evenings. But somewhere between all this deep thinking and scholarly head-scratching, she allowed her imagination to get the best of her, veering off into the land of fiction. Read more >>

Acclaimed Debut Novelist Sheridan Hough to appear at Charleston Library Society

What: Book Launch for Sheridan Hough's acclaimed debut novel Mirror's Fathom
Where: Charleston Library Society, 164 King Street, Charleston, SC.
When: Thursday, November 8th 6PM – 8PM. Talk followed by book signing and reception. Admission is Free. Read more >>

Sheridan Hough on poetry and the difficulties of being a woman in the field of philosophy

Sheridan Hough is a philosophy professor, wife, published poet, and magazine editor. She wears many hats, and they all seem to fit. She sat down with Charleston Scene and dished on two of her loves: writing and philosophy. Read more >>

Local authors share their favorite summer books

Marjory Wentworth, South Carolina's poet laureate and author of The Endless Repetition of an Ordinary Miracle:

Mirror's Fathom by Sheridan Hough. "Sheridan teaches philosophy at the College of Charleston, and this story is tied to Kierkegaard in fascinating ways. The novel moves back and forth between two different centuries, and I am completely swept up in it." Read more >>

Book Launch Schedule Overview.

Save the date for these upcoming events:

November 8, Charleston Library Society (Charelston, SC), 6pm.
November 16, Venue TBA (Chicago, IL), 7pm.
November 23, Blue Bicycle Books (420 King Street, Charleston), 2pm.
February 8, Litchfield Books (Pawleys Island, SC), 7pm.
July 18, University Press Books (2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704).

All events will include book signing and reading from Mirror's Fathom.