The Hide

Sheridan's first volume of poetry, The Hide, was published by Inleaf Press in December of 2007. The book is beautifully illustrated with color plates of textiles created by the artist Susan Hull Walker.

Her poetry has also appeared in many literary magazines. In 1983 she won a poetry scholarship from the National Society of Arts and Letters.

Sheridan has the great good fortune to be mentored and befriended by a number of wonderful poets, including Libby Bernardin, Barbara G.S. Hagerty, Mary Hutchins Harris, Kit Loney, Susan Laughter Meyers, Debbie Scott, Susan Finch Stevens, and Marjory Wentworth, the Poet Laureate of South Carolina. If you drop in at the East Bay Meeting House for the Monday Night Blues jam session you might be lucky enough to hear from one of these poets.

Here is one of Sheridan's poems:

At the Office

How does work get done in the mottled medium of public space?
The deeply planted feet of objects are a miracle, and I despair
of completing a thought. Sometimes I imagine the undone
things are fingers, tapping or smoothing some agitated surface:
ghostly limbs made by wishing up a pristine time
where the desk is clear and I am complete behind it.
Things' reach into the future comforts:
tentacles taking me to redoubtable blessings, to calendar's
completed room of well-upholstered, certain furniture.




You may order your own copy by email or phone from Blue Bicycle Books.